Best Friend

Posted by Unspeakablechunks 23:10

Its been a long time...
We have not met...
But I know you are always with me..

When I am sad..
You call me and make me happy..
You try to comfort me and bring my smiles again..
Even my life is sorrow and lonely..
You always come and bring the lights to me..
I know that I’m not alone..

Do you remember when we are together?
We are so innocent..
Keep talking about our future..
But I’m afraid my friend..
We are going to be apart someday..
I need you as I cannot faced the life alone..

The world is not safe for me..
I need someone like you..
Who can guide me to the truth path..
Even you are not with me right now..
I will always remember our promise..

I promise to you my friend..
I will keep that promise..
I will not let you down..
You are my best soul mate..
I love you forever and always..


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